February Style File

I'm super excited about this month's special collection, the pieces are beautiful AND versatile. No matter your style or the occasion, there's something here for everyone in the following capsules.


Feeling "meh" getting dressed for work in the morning? As a former corporate lawyer, I know that feeling all too well. I used to haaate wearing the same old, day in and day out (for me, the uniform was black theory pants and a neutral silk top). Looking back, I wish I'd understood the transformative power of jewelry and accessories. Sometimes all it takes is the piece for your outfit to pop. Here are some of my favorite "work-appropriate" pieces from this month's special collection. I especially love the gold relic earrings as a modern twist on classic gold hoops.


As a self-described modern minimalist, I prefer either delicate jewelry (like Saskia Diez's simple silver anchor bracelet), or to ground my outfit with a single, stand alone statement piece (like Jaclyn Mayer's blue and gold Anabelle bracelet.) The emerald ring is another one of my all-time favorites. I get more compliments on this ring than anything else I'm wearing these days. (FYI: we have only a few of these left in stock!)


I am a huge fan of Moran Martine's collection, particularly her cuffs. The pointed cuff (shown above) has that chic, subversive connotation that's perpetually in-style. Also, another trend I'm noticing these days is sporting a single stud earring. Talk about the epitome of minimal: why have two of the same thing, right? For this look, I like Ashley Thorne's gold pointed stud. It's both elegant, edgy. It's also the perfect compliment to Lady Grey's Contra Pendant , which happens to be one of Hatch's all-time bestsellers! (If you haven't tried this one yet, I highly recommend it -- even for those who veer more "uptown" than "downtown" ;)