About Us


Linnea has over 16 years experience as a fashion and accessories editor, working at GQ, Elle Girl, Elle Accessories, and most recently at Surface magazine. Her love of Jewelry was first inspired by a visit to the gold museum of Bogota, Colombia while growing up in South America as a child. 


Matthew grew up surrounded by high quality art, crafts and jewelry. He studied metalworking and jewelry design as a hobbyist. A lifelong interest in the way things work resulted in a PhD in Aeronautical engineering from Cambridge University, but he never gave up his passion for design. He started Hatch Jewelry after spending 5 years working at McKinsey & Company.


Having worked alongside some of NYC garment's most talented craftsmen as the founder of a womenswear label, Elizabeth is always inspired by the people bringing beautiful products to life.  She joined Hatch Jewelry to share her passion for beautiful accessories and design integrity.