Somewhere on the other side of town, a girl feels the same way you do.  She’s striving to fulfill her passions and dreams.  She’s battling her own insecurities, or worse, a lack of support and familial ties.  She wants to stay vibrant and seek that healthy and loving relationship we all desire.  Somewhere on the other side of town, that girl is you.

No matter where you are from or what life you lead now, you’ve likely faced a situation or circumstance that has shaken you: perhaps it was the loss of a loved on, a debilitating health issue or bias against your race or gender that impeded your ability to rise to your full potential.  During those times we often turn to the support of a family member, friend, doctor or community program to see us through. But what happens if that support system doesn’t exist? 

For millions of girls and boys around the world, this is the reality faced on a daily basis: a total lack of control over their health or livelihood.  There is a total lack of a support system.   We need to change that.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Resilience Advocacy Program (RAP), a New York City based nonprofit that creates supports systems for girls and boys who are in need of care or empowerment.   Every month, we donate a percentage of our profits directly to RAP, so that they can continue to create programs that provide children with the knowledge and self-confidence to work towards a better future for themselves.